Vizion Kidz Network After School

"We Love Our Young Visionaries."

“We Love Our Young Visionaries.”

Vizion Kidz Network is a Non-profit Afterschool program that began with a vision of teaching children Vision Development at an early age so that they can a have an early foundation on what they desire to be in life in order for them to have the tools to make quality decisions to help make it happen. Since it’s conception in 2013 they have serviced over 100 children through the Afterschool Program and Summer Leadership Camp. The children are introduced to STEM activities, educational enhancement through our homework help center,  vision and character development through the use of our Vision Development Curriculum that was written and designed specifically for our 9-12 year olds, and we encourage our children to give back through our “Bags of Love” program that we make each quarter and choose people in our community who are making a daily difference like our local fire department.

We have had the privilege of partnering with many of our community organizations that has seen the need and vision that we are assisting in filling and has been open to help us. Our Public Library Bookmobile stops by every other Friday to give the children in our program to check books out and they love it! We participate in the USDA Healthy Snack program in order to make sure that we are giving our children the healthiest choices in afternoon snacks. We partner with Google’s CS (Computer Science) First Club in order to assist us in bringing STEM to the children in our program. At this time we pick up over 75% of our children from area schools in Berkeley County Fishburne Headstart, Boulder Bluff Elementary, Devon Forest, and Ladson Elementary.

If you would like to enroll your child in our program you may call us at 843-212-3421 or email the attached forms to

After School Application 2015

Vizion KIdz parent_agreement 2015

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