Newtown, Ct. We still believe!

Many people are feeling sad and remorse about the lives that were taken especially the young lives that were taken in Newtown, Ct. It makes us all look at our children and become thankful that we have them for one more day. Our prayers go out to those families who can’t hug their children, spouse, sister, or aunt tonight. This incident has brought out the thoughts of how can God allow this? Why don’t we take guns off of the streets? Why aren’t parents held responsible for guns getting into their children’s hands? His mental condition should have been reported? Many questions still yet is being voiced in the hearts and minds of many, but the real question is do you still believe? Do you still believe that your children can be what ever they desire to be? Do you still believe that your children can go on a playground and be okay? Do you still believe that God has the power to protect your children? We still believe all of this in spite of the shootings that has happened. We believe that parents should take more quality time with their children. We believe that parents or guardians should find the gifts, talents, and abilities in their children and nurture it. We believe that parents should not just think about going to their child’s concert, football game, science fair, PTA meeting, or basketball game but they should go. Yes, we still believe that there is a God that tells us to raise our children in the way that they should go and when they get older it won’t leave them. Yes, we still believe that God dispatches His angels to watch and protect over us. Yes, we still believe that there is a lot of great people in our world who love our children and does not desire to hurt them. We believe that even though guns are available that everyone does not use them to hurt others. Yes, we do still believe that people believe in the sanctity of life and that it should be respected, and yes, we believe that we are all responsible for protecting the children of this world. No matter what happens around us we must make sure we are not building walls that will ultimately imprison our children and lives from a world that is full of  a lot of good. We are not to live in fear, that is not the way that God has designed us. Our jobs as parents is to tell our children the truth with honey and make sure the best way that we know how that they know the God who is the God of truth and love.We still believe!

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