Vision in My Head

I have always had this vision in my head that I am going to be the greatest at whatever I want to do in life. When I was a young girl living in the Country I would lay on the ground outside and look up at the sky and envision I could be something great. Then I would just drift off into saying what the clouds shape like. The problem with the vision in my head is that the vision never said exactly what I wanted to be, so I spent years trying to figure that part out. Real vision gives you something to focus on. I want to be a successful business woman, a great teacher, a politician that really changes the world for the best, or an artist. Vision tells me I can focus my life in a specific direction to accomplish goals in my life. It doesn’t mean that as life goes on my goals to reach the vision doesn’t change but the vision usually does not change. If I had a vision to be a very accomplished business owner I may actually go through several business before I get to that one that is going to satisfy that vision of being very accomplished. That may look different to me, than what a may look to other people. This let me know that my vision is specific to me. There is no two visions alike just like there is no two people alike. They maybe similar but not alike. When God gave me the vision for my life I was about 12 years old. The vision was general in the beginning, I was 12 years old so details would have been waisted and very much misunderstood. As I began to go through life more and more of that vision began to be revealed as I yielded to it, it was prosperous for me but when I would turn away from it, it was not a pretty picture. For years I would wonder in the wilderness, sounds like the people of Israel in the desert. Things had to die off of me and I had to get focused back on the vision given to me by God. Thank God it didn’t take me 40 years! Vision is the very reason why we are here on the earth. He showed Abraham the stars and said that they symbolizes his generations of children. This might have seen strange to someone who doesn’t have any children and know that his wife cannot even have children, but he believed what God had shown him. This leads me to know that vision takes faith. You have to believe what God has shown you in the vision for your life. You will not always know how it is going to happened but trust the creator of your vision and you be a great foreman to carry it out. Vision does not always happen quickly you may have to go through somethings before it comes to past. The Children of Israel was given the vision of the Promised Land but it took them years to get to it and some of them didn’t even make it. The next thing in vision is that everyone is not going to go with you or be for you as you are walking to accomplish your vision. This is where you really have to stay focused. In this stage of the vision process you will feel hurt, pain, and disappointment and it is all designed to get you off focus, but you must not let it happen. Keep reminding yourself of the accomplishments of the past, of how far you have come, and there is people who need what you have. Your vision is not for you alone, it is for the people who you are going to touch because of it. Abrahams vision about the generations as numerous as the stars was not for him alone but for us today. We are one of those stars. Our vision will reach people for Christ who would not otherwise know the truthfulness of the love of God.

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