Vision from Generation to Generation

So many people have visions that never come to life for them. There are so many hinderances that can slow down a vision but the only person who can stop your vision is you! We must be careful because when you decided to get in the way of your vision then you tend to get in the way of other’s vision. In other words, because you didn’t allow it to happen for you, you are convinced that it can’t happen for anyone else. The main people who get affected by this kind of thinking is children. When children think like this way they weren’t born like that, it was learned from the people who they have been exposed to. Sometimes this thinking is passed on from generation to generation. Adults teach children wrather they intend to or not. The influence of the words of their mouth make a huge difference in a child’s life. Unfortantely, many adults do not realize the difference it is to late. If this is happening to the next generation in your life then you have the power to change it! Decide that you are going to help your children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren find, pursue, and live their visions. While you are helping them, you will be amazed how the vision for your life will receive a spark in your heart and mind. The desire to fulfill somethings in your life will look accomplishable again. There is nothing that can take the place of the satisfying feeling when you have helped someone else accomplish parts of their vision. It is up to you. You must make a decision right to make a change for the better. All visions given are accomplishable, it is just rather we are ready to endure in order for them to happen.

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